Fat Brain Waddle Wobblers Bath Toy 21625

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Unique bath time play set featuring a floating iceberg, six floating, stackable penguins, and a slide for the penguins to slide down that attaches to the bathtub wall with a suction cup; It's a perfect penguin party! Penguins slide smoothly down the iceberg slide, or fit them in the cup-shaped divots; Send the iceberg floating across the tub; The penguins can wobble and spin outside the tub - And they float, too! Perfect for ages 3 to 6 years; Made of strong, sturdy, high quality plastic; Penguins and iceberg are sealed so no water gets inside; Chunky pieces are easy for little hands to grab and maneuver; BPA-free; Fully safety tested Encourages imaginative play, storytelling, exploration, experimentation; Strengthens fine motor skills, psychomotor skills; Helps teach cause-and-effect; Bathtub fun is just the tip of the iceberg! Includes slide with detachable iceberg, 6 wobbly floating penguins; Frustration-free packaging


(No reviews yet) Write a Review