Mini Q-Ant 1 Magnet Assorted Colors Nuop

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Of all the bugs in the world, it's the ant that probably attracts our greatest admiration. They're incredibly strong, work hard all day long, stay together in communities, build amazing structures and are small enough not to gross us out like some of their bigger counterparts. So what better form for a bendable magnet that you can use to organize your papers and photos on a metal surface? And they come in a spectrum of delightful colors that will make all that stuff look good being organized. And when the ants aren't working for you, they're happy to be used as fun playthings by the younger set, who've been known to spend hours joining them together in all sorts of neat poses, hanging them from shelves and sticking them in the most unexpected places. Toy, organizer, doodad - the Q-Ant is a versatile object indeed. Assorted Colors.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review