4M Toysmith KidzLabs Wind Powered Racer 85972

Green Science

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Product Overview

AERODYNAMIC DESIGN: The Wind Powered Racer uses the same aerodynamic design that jet and rocket powered cars.
DISCOVER HOW THE PROPELLER WORKS: Batteries provide electricity to the motor which turns the propeller at a high speed as the propeller blades force air backwards.
GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR ASPIRING ENGINEER OR ELECTRICIAN: Assemble the axles, fit the wheels, attach the motor, connect the wires to the power source, install the propeller, and attach the battery case. The illustrated step-by-step instructions alleviate potential frustrations, while providing an exciting project for the curious builder.
HIGH SPEED PROPELLER: The Wind Powered Racer is intended for use by children ages 10+. Adult supervision is required at all times. Do not touch the propeller when the motor is on with fingers or any objects to avoid potential injury.
INCLUDED IN KIT: Racer body, rear axle support, long axle, motor holder, motor cover, motor, battery case cover, battery case, battery case joint, back wheel (2), front wheel, propeller, metal eyelet (2), terminal cap (2), flat top screw (3), small screw (18). REQUIRED BUT NOT INCLUDED: small Phillips Head screwdriver and Four (4) AAA (1.5 Volt) Batteries. Ages 10+.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review