Schylling Collectors Series Wind-up Tin Racer 230846

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Schylling is proud to introduce a new tin toy the SPRINT RACER. This multifunction wind up race car toy is a marvel of engineering and loaded with all metal features. Check out the steerable wheels. They can be moved to turn left right or to go straight. The exhaust pipes are separate pieces that come out of the engine compartment and extend out the back. They tell you that there’s a powerful V8 engine under the hood. The front bumper and radiator cover are chrome plated. There are fat rubber tires to grip the race track. The driver’s head can be turned. The suspension includes separate rear radius arms. Hundreds of hand operations are required to stamp out all of the printed and unprinted tin pieces that make the car the driver and the motor. After all of the pieces are stamped out, then the meticulous hand assembly can begin. Trained workers sit at tables putting all of the pieces together and securing them with small tools. I have watched this work and am always amazed at how much time and effort is expended. So much work to make something that sells for so little. We did not make many of these little beauties. If you love tin toys, cars or racing, you should add one to your collection before they are all gone and you’ll be saying “I should have gotten one of those when they were available.”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review