Uncle Goose Chinese Character Wooden Blocks 001247

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Product Overview

Introducing at long last... Chinese! The first in a series of Chinese sets, this beginner set has 32 character blocks. Each block has the character alone and with its English equivalent, a stroke grid to learn how to create the character, a number and a picture with its pin yin equivalent. We have also included a puzzle side for this set... a map of China, the Chinese flag and yellow dragon (responsible for bringing the seeds of writing to the Chinese people)

- 44mm cubes (1.75")

Ages 3 +

More about Lindenwood:

What makes these blocks special are the two embossed letters on each block. The embossing process gives depth and detail to each block and appears to be carved. Actually these designs are pressed into the wood under immense pressure.

Beveled Edges
Eliminates sharp corners and make the blocks more comfortable to hold.

Classic Styling
Based on the classic ABC blocks made by the Embossing Company of Albany NY, whose founders, the Hyatt brothers, patented the invention of the embossed ABC block. ABC blocks pay homage to the first set of American alphabet blocks made by the Hyatt brothers (who also invented celluloid which led to the explosion of plastics).

Non-Toxic Inks
Made from child-safe materials, especially non-toxic inks. Tested regularly and always surpass national and international standards on ink safety. Of course there is very little ink on our blocks, so rest assured that a child will not be exposed to harmful substances even if they should consume an entire set of blocks. The same is true for your household pets who may even chew on the blocks

The ABC blocks also feature numerals 0 to 9 and math symbols (+ - X, etc.). As children begin to recognize letters they will also learn their numbers. Later on they may use the blocks to form equations just as they are spelling words.

Numeral Names
Names printed of each numeral beneath the number so that a child can learn how to spell these words.

Uppercase or Lowercase Letters
Standard ABC blocks are available with either uppercase or lowercase letters.

Animal Pictures
Each block features a picture of a different animal. Children delight in recognizing the animals on each block.

Animal Names
Names printed of each animal beneath the picture so that a child can learn how to spell these names.

Our blocks are made from basswood which is grown around the Great Lakes. Basswood is ideal for making blocks because it’s light-weight, light-colored and odor-free. The basswood is farmed for manufacturing on industry owned land. Lindenwood is committed to environmentally-appropriate manufacturing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review